Jakarta people are dedicated mall-goers

I understand how hectic Jakarta can be during the weekdays with all the traffic jams in every lil’ corner of Jakarta streets. Weekend however starts on this very night, Friday night. The streets especially near the major entertainment areas (ie. Sudirman, Thamrin, Senayan) will be super crowded with all the mall-goers and clubbers.

Jakarta is certainly a city which never sleeps on Friday.

As  you can see, Jakarta is soon gonna be filled with malls as the people seems to endlessly build shopping centers.  So it’s not a wonder if you find most of the Jakarta people spend their weekends in Malls.

Here are a list of malls if you wished to see the lavish the lifestyle of Jakartanians.

Central Jakarta

Grand Indonesia , Plaza  Indonesia and its extension , EX , Tanah Abang , Mal Ambasador

South Jakarta

Plaza Senayan ,FX ,Pacific Place ,Senayan City ,Blok M ,Pasaraya Grande, Pondok Indah Mal

West Jakarta

Taman Anggrek, Mal Ciputra , Mal Puri Indah

North Jakarta

Mal Kelapa Gading 1 – 5 , La Piazza , Mal Mangga Dua , ITC Mangga Dua (if you want to buy bulks of goods, you can get the best deal here)

and lotssss more….

In different malls you can actually see different types of people. They are so neatly segmented.

It is actually a very interesting things to do in the weekend: people watching.

Try it! just buy a cup of coffee or any beverage and seat in the corner where you can get great view of people passing by.

It’s a way to reflect and it’s a way to entertain yourself. Really! from all the hectic you’ve been thru during the weekdays.

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