Jakarta Traffic Control

Jakarta described in 2 words: HOT & HECTIC!!!

wow… it’s been a month passed since the Hari Raya and looks like the condition of Jakarta

Traffic is getting back to normal (with its traffic jams).

There are actually tactics to get out there without getting fed up.You should know when is the best

time to get out (of the house around 10am) and when to get back (to the house around 3 pm latest).

Actually with a GPS, you can get out there among the traffic and try to find those tiny alleys to

squeeze your car through. However, the best of all is if you have a driver and the PATIENCE.



AVOID Thamrin – Sudirman from 11.30 – 2pm this is the lunch hour of business people around those area.

AVOID 3-in-1 areas if you have less than 3 people in the car. The police’s eyes are really sharp on this.
(try to learn how to get to the places beforehand to avoid the police yapping)

DON’T turn left when the traffic light is red even though the cars are honing at you.

DON’T drive on a lined pathway as the police are usually there to catch you (especially on toll road).